Signature Colorway

The Surplus | Sammy Montano

Sammy’s latest colorway of The Surplus in White/Montano – a premium leather shoe featuring his signature art molded into the sidewall of the outsole. Tested and developed for skateboarding by Sammy. Available now.  

Blazer Series

Featured Artist: Karl Grandin

This new series incorporates that glow-in-the-dark aesthetic and Karl’s use of symbolic imagery. Hypnagoga is that fuzzy state between wakefulness and sleep, and Ma’at here represents the cosmic balance between chaos and order.

New Style

The Holand

Globe’s new lifestyle, skate cupsole silhouette features a broken herringbone outsole tread pattern for grip and control, vamp perforations for breathability and a newly designed neoprene heel for comfort and stability.


Surf/Skate Series

New Surf/Skate board shapes! The new Thumpy and Sun City 2 are shorter in length and wheelbase. These boards pump harder, turn sharper and are more responsive than others with longer wheelbases. All equipped with Slant Magnesium Surf/Skate Trucks. New Shapes available now.

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mahalo lifestyle shot
By Mark Appleyard

The Mahalo Plus

Mark Appleyard's classic vulcanized skate silhouette with added rubber ollie patch for durability. Just like the original Mahalo the Mahalo Plus also features Globe's Shockbed™ insole for impact control specifically formulated for Mark and Super-V™ outsole for enhanced grip and board feel. Available now in new seasonal colors.

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For riders of concrete, oceans and mountains.

As skaters, surfers and snowboarders, we spend a lot of time doing what we love outdoors. We are conscious of the environment, and while we’ve been far from perfect, we are continually working toward greater sustainability across our clothing, footwear and apparel. Through our Low Velocity program, we’ve incorporated more sustainable materials and created premium evergreen clothing that has less of an impact on the environment. Each article is rigorously tested for fit, function and durability. See our complete collection of men’s clothing. Since our inception in the early 90’s, Globe has always been at the forefront of technical advances in skate shoe research and development. Inspired by the progress made in our Low Velocity clothing, we’ve incorporated a variety of recycled and upcycled materials – reducing our impact while retaining the durability and skate function our skate footwear is known for. Globe skateboards are designed in Australia and crafted with confidence by a team with over 30 years of experience in the skateboard industry. We focus on creating the best skateboards out there, crafting light, strong and longer-lasting decks, street completes, cruisers and longboards. Shop online today at Globe Brand US.