The Kalahari Dover

A true Australian icon, born from the desire for a shoe that would vintage over time, inspired by the rugged sea bearing climates of Western Australia. Enter the Kalahari Dover, a hard wearing mid-slung boot constructed for durability and looking oh so much better when worn in.


Off Course | Clothing Capsule

The 'Off Course' capsule blurs the lines between what is now and what may become. The past decade has seen the tech landscape rise to extraordinary heights at rapid pace with human research and development at the helm of it's advancement. But at what cost? Will we soon be forced to bow at the rein of Al - or will we, man and machine, work together in unison and forge a utopian society? To be honest, we don't know! But just to be safe
we should probably plot a course and stay on it.

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For riders of concrete, oceans and mountains.

As skaters, surfers and snowboarders, we spend a lot of time doing what we love outdoors. We are conscious of the environment, and while we’ve been far from perfect, we are continually working toward greater sustainability across our clothing, footwear and apparel. Through our Low Velocity program, we’ve incorporated more sustainable materials and created premium evergreen clothing that has less of an impact on the environment. Each article is rigorously tested for fit, function and durability. See our complete collection of men’s clothing. Since our inception in the early 90’s, Globe has always been at the forefront of technical advances in skate shoe research and development. Inspired by the progress made in our Low Velocity clothing, we’ve incorporated a variety of recycled and upcycled materials – reducing our impact while retaining the durability and skate function our skate footwear is known for. Globe skateboards are designed in Australia and crafted with confidence by a team with over 30 years of experience in the skateboard industry. We focus on creating the best skateboards out there, crafting light, strong and longer-lasting decks, street completes, cruisers and longboards. Shop online today at Globe Brand US.