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Est. 1994, we are proud to say we have supported skateboarding from the inception. Skateboarding has and always will be a part of our DNA. Join us in an exciting new chapter of Globe Skateboarding. 

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A new book by photographer Andrew James Peters, Proudly supported by Globe Skateboarding, featuring Austyn Gillette and Jake Anderson in Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington DC as they filmed for their next Former video ‘Audible Refuge’. Available now.

“Shooting a skate trip with the intention of making a book is one of the most inspiring things I have ever done as a skate photographer. The difference in storytelling is like turning a sentence into a whole script.” - Andrew James Peters

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Our revamped sustainable Low Velocity clothing program has inspired us to continue to bring more sustainably sourced materials to our footwear line, while still ensuring that durability and skate function are driving our design process. Some of the sustainable materials include:

Organic Cotton

Cotton grown with organic agricultural methods uses fewer pesticides than conventional cotton and therefore reduces exposure to toxic chemicals that can end up in the ground, air, water and our food chain. We continue to use organic cotton throughout the range. 

Wolverine Leathers® 

Wolverine Leathers® Long Lasting Nubuck is the most durable ‘eco-leather’ available. Shoes that are durable last longer and help to reduce landfill. 

National Forest Foundation

Through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) and our ReGrowth program we plant at least 3x the amount of trees we harvest annually in the making of our skateboards. We continue to grow our donations and fuel our effort in footwear.

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